Since its foundation in 1860, TAG Heuer, over these years, has achieved remarkable feat. With the development of its watches, it has abundances of watches, and gradually forms several branches, and today we will talk about it. TAG Heuer 1st: Carrera
Among so many TAG Heuer watches, Carrera is one that boasts its long history. Carrera means passion, adventure and heroism in Spanish. This series aims at commemoration of PanoAmerican event, paying tribute to skilled car racers. This race lasts for 5 days, and reaches 3300 kilometers and the journey pass through Carrera Pan Americana which is the toughest ans harsh road in the world.

TAG Heuer 2nd : Grand Carrera
As the avant garde series, Grand Carrera has the same root as GT race car. Being invented in 1916, Mikerrigraph is one of few watches that was accurate to 1/100 seconds. Now, TAG Heuer inherits its pursue on the precision, and this spirit is reflected in Grand Carrera. Grand Carrera is fitted with a Calibre 36 RS automatic winding movement and a revolving system that enable it possible to read information. It passes COSC’s tests and surely guarantees its precision.

TAG Heuer 3rd:Monaco
In 1969, Monaco was released in New York, which gives a great shock to the world watch industry. This watch is fitted with a red-chronograph hand, a metal dial, domed sapphire mirror a huge square case, breaking the traditional rule of designing watches. Another innovation is the perfect anti-water system that is the first one in the world. Inside the watch, the ticking movement is much more revolution: the famous Chronomatic Calibre 11 movement is placed on it, making it the first one that has the mini-rotor on it. Accuracy is guaranteed.

TAG Heuer 4th: Link
TAG Heuer rolled out the S/EL in 1987. The stainless bracelet has the S-shaped pieces link, which is the great feat at that time. Later, there were racers who wore it in the F1 event. In 1999, it is re-designed and is named after Lincoln. In addition has the celebrities as promotion ambassador, Tag Heuer also launched some special editions of the replica tag heuer link, such as Tiger Woods edition.

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