Captain Marvel is an American superhero film released in 2019. The plot is adapted from the Marvel comic character Carol Danvers, produced by Marvel Studios and releasewd by Walt Disney Studios. This film is the 21st movie of the Marvel Movie Universe series. Directed by Anna Boden and Ryan K. Fleck, and co-edited with Meg LeFauve, Nicole Perlman, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Liz Fula Fu and Carly Mensch.

The Captain Marvel was a member of the Kree Empire. He was sent to the Earth to examine the progress of Human Space Travel Research. Later, he blatantly resisted his sergeant, helped the Earth people solve their difficulties, and guarded his new home, the Earth, as the “Captain Marvel“.

The current Captain Marve Carol Danvers debuted in Marvel Super-Heroes No. 13, jointly created by Roy Thomas and Quini Colan. She was originally a US Air Force pilot and later became an Air Force Intelligence Agent. Once, the alien device “Soul Catheter” exploded and Danvers was trapped. The explosion merged her genes with the genes of Mar Vell, and she gained the power of being different from ordinary people. She became amazed lady and took over the title of Captain Marve after Vell’s death.

Carol Danvers struggled to remember the past, how to get super powers, and the life before the super powers of previous life. She only has a fragmented memory in her dreams, and the emotional fluctuations caused by the trouble also affect her control over the super power. Fortunately, under the coaching of the Starfleet Commander, Carol Danvers learned how to control her power.

In one mission, Carol Danvers came to Earth for some reason and met Nick Fury, a low-level agent. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury pursued the Skuru Talos, who made troubles on the Earth. At the same time, she also found herself how to gain super power.

The Captain Marve can absorb and control the energy of any form. She can concentrate this energy on other abilities, such as her photon energy, explode from the glare of her fingertips, use energy to diverge in all directions, and use the energy field to surround itself to avoid most attacks and absorb the surrounding gravity to enhance strength. It also proves that her ability to absorb all forms of energy can increase energy emissions.

The film has received widespread acclaim, and most critics have praised “entertainment, pleasure and savvy”, Brie Larson’s performances and visual effects. But complex plots, lack of tension in the plot and action segments have been criticized, some People hope that this film has more “nuances, clarity or excitement”.

Film fashion designer Sanja Milkovic Hays made eight sets of the Captain Marve’s costumes for Brie Larson. In the design of the costumes, the leather with special treatment of pearl blue was chosen as the main fabric, which would flash out gorgeous luster under the light. The Skruru people’s costumes are dark purple, asymmetrical, and completely different from their old enemy’s style. The Kree’s costumes are full of symmetrical and striking lines.

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