Ant-Man is a sci-fi action movie produced by Marvel Pictures. It is based on Marvel Comics and is the twelfth movie of the Marvel Film Universe and the second stage of the finale. It’s directed by Peyton Reed, and starred by Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas, Corey Stoll, Judy Greer, Michael Pena, Abby Ryder Fortson, Bobby Cannavale, and David Dastmalchian.

The film tells that Scott Lang has the power to become physically small, must accept his identity and help his mentor, biochemist Hank Pim, to protect the ant suit he invented. Under the threat of the enemy, Pim and Lang must carefully plan and execute a terrible scam to save the world.

The film was released in the United States on July 17, 2015, and was released in mainland China on October 16 in 3D, IMAX 3D, and China Giant Screen format.

Scott Lang, who was deceiving for a living, had the ability to freely control the size of his body after stealing the ants’ suits invented by biochemist Dr. Hank Pim. Dr. Hank Pim developed a “Pym Particle” and became an “Ant Man” with Scott Lang. Scott also had to accept his identity and help Dr. Pim guard the mystery of the ant technology. Under the threat of the enemy, the two must carefully plan and execute a terrible scam to save the world.

Scott Lang, although Scott had committed a crime to support his family, he was essentially a good person. The only goal of his life after he was released from prison was to become a good father of his daughter Cathy. He is not the classic hero material, but his agile skill, professional technical background and strong morality make him a great candidate for successor ants. Scott accepted the task that Hank Pim had given to steal yellow shirts, a secret weapon that could destroy the world.

Dr. Hank Pim invented an important technology that can flex at will, and mastered the method of controlling ants. Through this magical power, he became the most important property of SHIELD, a mysterious agent named Ant. After a tragic mission, he decided to hide the technology. Today, his student Darren Cross tried to put the technology into mass use. Hank then sneaked Scott Lang to his majesty to stop Cross’s evil plan.

Darren Klaus Darren Klaus used to be Hanke Pym’s apprenticeship at the beginning of the company’s creation. However, Darren and Hank eventually parted ways. Darren did not realize the potential harm of telescopic technology, and tried to uncover Hank’s secret around the clock. After undergoing a series of dangerous experiments, Darren created a more advanced and modern Hank battle suit, which he called the wasp battle suit.

Hope van Dyenhope is the daughter of Hank Pim. She inherited her father’s cleverness and courage. Hope’s parents are legendary spies, and she has traveled the world from a young age and become a good strategist and warrior. Finally, she returned to her father’s former company and became the chairman of the board. Despite her nervous relationship with her father, she played an important role in this project and became a great hero with her own talent.

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