The X-Men movies are based on the movie series “X-Men” of Marvel Comics’ superhero group. In the 20th century, Fox won the role of the film in 1994. After many revisions, Brian Singer directed “X-Men” (2000) and “X-Men 2” (2003), followed by Bright. Ratner took over the third “X-Men 3: The Last Battle” (2006). These hero characters have been performed very well, and this series of cosplay costumes is also very popular with most of people.

X-Men Phoenix Jean Grey Cosplay Costume

Jean Grey has two main super powers, which can read and manipulate other’s thoughts, move or break down all matter in mind, read other people’s thinking and memory, also can remotely link with people’s minds to predict the future. And can resist the mental attacks of others. It has prevented the instantaneous movement of the Blue Devils and blocked the water pressure that can crush the body with mental strength.


Jean Grey is a handsome, brave hero. She has been sought after by many people. People love the character very much, so the cosplay costume of the character is very popular with most people, besides the sales of these cosplay costumes are numerous. Let’s take a look at this beautiful costume.

You can see this cosplay costume includes: coat,strapless,corset,pants.These matching equipment make the characters better.Make people more like characters in the movie in order to achieve the best visual results.In addition, you can see that the color of this garment is very bright and there is no color difference. Highlights the beauty of the characters.

Then look at the material,it is easy to know that it is made of Stain, Cotton, Knitted, Mesh.These fabrics are not only high quality but also very comfortable and the touch is very good.When you wear it, it is not only comfortable but also highly rejuvenated. It is really a high quality cosplay costume.

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X-Men Cyclops Cosplay Costumes Men Version

He has the ability to emit red shock waves from the eyes. The laser eye has excellent leadership and has long been the leader of the X-Men. Later, he became Professor X of the X Academy and became the leader of all variants.


As we all know,he is not only a super hero but also an excellent leader.Maybe,that is the reason why the cosplay costumes about this character are so popular with so many people.Next, let’s interpret this costume together.

What comes first is the appearance of this garment.We can see that the color matching is the same as the garment in the movie.And it looks soft,  comfortable. Most importantly,it has an excellent visual sense.These are in line with everyone’s expectations.

Next,let’s talk about the equipment of this cosplay costume.When you look at the product introduction,you can see that the equipment includes Top,Pants,Breastplate,Arm Guard,Barcer,Gloves,Belt,Leg Guard,Shoes Cover.Just looking at these equipment that make yourself feels like a hero.Obviously, the upper body effect and visual effect of this cosplay costume is very strong.

Surprise is more than just the above.You will be more excited when you see the high quality materials in this cosplay costume.It looks very textured, feels touched, and comfortable to wear. This is simply the fabric and effect that you have always dreamed of.Yes,that’s, its main raw material is high quality,they are Pineapple stripe elastic knit, knit lining, high elastic net surface knit, high end leather, spandex leather, composite leather, special customized belt.There are still surprises, its solid packaging and fast logistics are also a major feature.The following are the various packaging methods: Belt, Helmet Shoulder Strap Equipment, Knee Pads*2, Leggings*2, Wrist Guards*2, Arm Guards*2, Gloves*2, Shoes*2, Tops, Pants.This will deliver the garment to the customer in the best possible manner.

X-Men: Days Of Future Past Wolverine Cosplay Costume

He has the ability to heal quickly, the beast-like perception, and his natural arms have claws that can reach out. In the “Weapon X” experiment, his bones were infused into the indestructible Ademan metal. In the experiment, he learned that he was used by Major Williams Rick and resisted and enemies with the major. He was finally beaten by the major and lost his memory. Wolverine is a typical anti-heroic character that flocked to the American popular culture after the Vietnam War.


Wolverine is one of the most important characters in the X-Men. He has  heroic charm so he has attracted countless fans. The cosplay costume of this character is also very popular with people, and it is also sell well in major stores.

Let me introduce you to this cosplay costume in detail.When we first see this cosplay costume, we will first think of the character.Then is the look of this cosplay costume.Let’s see the color of it,very nice,it seems that we will have an immersive feeling.That shows that the color scheme of this cosplay costume is successful and the degree of reduction is extremely high.Next is the design and production of this garment.From the main picture of the details page, you can see that the stitching of the document clothing is very fine, and the lines are very smooth. Obviously, the design and production of the whole garment is in a high level.

In addition to sophisticated design and production, its complete accessories are also a major feature.It’s package includes: Tops, Vests, Pants, Gloves, Knee Pads, Leggings, Waistband.When you put on them, you will find that you are Wolverine. It shows that this equipment is very completed, and the degree of reproduction is so high. Most importantly, it  also shows that the size of the clothing and various equipment is very standard, and the signs are tailor-made.

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