A sudden and powerful force emerged from the universe’s Rubik’s Cube, and also brought Loki, who took away the Rubik’s Cube and destroyed the experimental site. The commander “The One-eyed Man” Nick Fury realized that he had to create a “most powerful” league organization to assemble the superheroes to save the world.

So “ The Avengers” formed by the six superheroes – “Iron Man”, “Thor”, “Captain America”, “ Hulk”, “Black Widow” and “Hawkeye” came into being. They are all supernatural and united, and finally defeated the evil forces and ensured the safety of the earth.

The superheroes who have fought battles suffer from job burnout. Tony Stark, who has removed the armor, invented the “Ultron”- a robot with Self-aware, learning-capable artificial intelligence, and hand over the responsibility of commanding the Robotic Legion to Ultron.

What the superheroes didn’t expect was that Ultron came to the conclusion that “human beings are the greatest threat to the Earth” and began to implement plans to eliminate humanity. He and his helper is making trouble everywhere. The Avengers must gather again to solve this crisis created by themselves.

Thanos in the galaxy with several powerful men destroys other planets, just to put all the infinite stones in infinity gloves, which can completely destroy the entire galaxy. To save the universe, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers need to abandon the suspicion, reorganize the Avengers, and fight together with the Spider-Man, Dr. Strange, the Galaxy Guard, the Panther and the forces of the Wakanda people.

After the devastating event, the universe became devastated by the actions of Thanos. Regardless of the consequences in the future, the Avengers must regroup with the help of the remaining allies to reverse the actions of Thanos and completely restore the order of the universe. The story takes place after the annihilation destroys half of the universe and reinvents the Avengers Alliance. The remaining heroes are forced to fight back and leave a legendary chapter for 22 Marvel movies.


Iron Man is the heir to Stark Industries, and his father is one of the founders of SHIELD. In a kidnapping accident, Tony invented a set of power-enhanced armor. This set of equipment is made of gold-titanium alloy, which has certain limitations and will be worn out. After putting on the armor, Tony turned into the Iron Man who punishes evil in the Avengers.

The Captain American was originally a thin ordinary soldier during World War II. He became the only successful experimental product in the “Super Warrior Rebirth Program” and possessed the physical ability beyond ordinary people. In World War II, he had made great achievements, but in the final battle, he was severely damaged and frozen, and woke up about seventy years later. He then joined the Avengers.

Thor is the non-Earth human members of the Avengers League. He is the son of Odin, the heir to the throne of Asgard. He was young and prosperous, and he was exiled to the earth for his own arrogance.

The Black Widow was originally a Russian female detective who was an elite agent of the SHIELD. Natasha was initially placed inside the Stark Industries as an undercover, responsible for monitoring Iron Man and then officially joining the Avengers. She is also the only female member of the Avengers this time.

Scientist Dr. Bruce Banner was mistakenly injured by gamma rays in an experiment. Then he discovered that when he was caught in an angry or fearful mood, the uncontrollable heartbeat would turn himself into a big body and strength. A green giant that is endless but not controlled by the will. He was recruited into the Avengers for possessing terrible power.

Hawkeye was an orphan who grew up at the circus, and was joined by the SHIELD Commander Nick Fury for his superb archery and joined the Avengers.

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